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MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100 (CG46451) 1 280 Lei 280 Lei

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MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100

MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100
  • MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100
  • MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100
  • MG Gundam Wing Proto-ZERO EW 1/100

280 Lei

(TVA inclus)
Cod Produs CG46451

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Data aparitiei: 09.04.2019
Dimensiuni: 1/100
Varsta: 17+
Serie: Gundam Wing
Producator: Bandai

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The prototype gundam from which the 5 other gundams were developed in Gundam Wing, makes a new appearance as interpreted by Hajime Katoki for the Endless Waltz manga. Following the same styling as the other Ver EW designs, Wing Gundam Proto Zero has been reproduced with new proportions and utilizes a modified xxx-g frame for construction and can transform into Neo Bird Mode. Iconic weapons including twin Buster rifle, shield with extending nose gimmick, shoulder mounted machine cannons and beam sabers are included. New features include foldable canards on shield and redesigned thruster wings that can unfold further outward. Display stand with standing and sitting versions of Heero Yuy are included.

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