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1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray) (CG67622) 1 96 Lei 96 Lei

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1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)
  • 1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)
  • 1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)
  • 1/144 30MM EEMX-17 Alto (Dark Gray)

96 Lei

(TVA inclus)
Cod Produs CG67622


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Data aparitiei: 30.09.2020
Dimensiuni: 1/144
Tip produs: Model kits
Serie: 30MM / 30Minutes Missions
Producator: Bandai

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Bandai brings us a new lineup of endlessly customizable, easy-to-build mecha model kits with 30 Minutes Missions (30MM)! Representing mass-produced robots, these kits are perfect for army-building and feature a common joint system so parts can easily be switched between the different types of units. Each kit builds into a highly posable figure with armor; in addition, the armor parts are equipped with hard points to attach weapons. The eEMX-17 Alto is presented here in dark gray, with parts included for a submachine gun-type weapon, a backpack, and a knuckle-type weapon. Data primei aparitii: 28.01.2020

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