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City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm

City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm
  • City Hunter Resin Statue 1/6 Umibozu 40 cm

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Data aparitiei: 30.08.2023
Dimensiuni: 40 cm
Varsta: 14+
Tip produs: Statuete
Producator: Others


We are proud to present our first statue dedicated to the cult manga City Hunter, work of the master Tsukasa Hojo.This statue presents the charismatic character of Umibozu (Falcon in English version), former mercenary, professional hitman and imposing colossus whose physique alone is enough to scare off the bandits. The scene takes place inside the Cat's Eye cafe, a private meeting place for the City Hunter family watched over by Umibozu. Here he strikes a pose, bazooka M20 on his shoulder, in his bartender outfit who highlights his sensitive side and contrasts with the cold and inaccessible image he usually conveys. Naturally shy, he does not like to be the center of attention. Affected by an excessive phobia of cats, in particular kittens, we are pleased to offer you an alternative scene that will certainly not leave you indifferent ...We chose to make a collector's statue by presenting Umibozu in his bartender outfit at the Cat's Eye cafe.The modeling succeeds in staging this imposing figure in an elegant posture and brings out all the details: from the stitching lines to the drapery of the clothes through the embroidery of the apron.Applying textures to each item of clothing helps give them a more tailored look. The head and forearms are devoid of it to remain faithful to the manga style.A subtle touch of realism has been brought to the character's lines, bringing him closer to the more elaborate drawings of the manga while retaining his characteristic features known to all.The base honors the license and the character through its reminders and visual references. In front of the base, the slate has the mention "XYZ", code to write on the message board of Shinjuku station to request the services of "City Hunter". Around the base, the repetition of the "Baka Baka" pattern, like the crow that hunts the dragonfly, characteristic of moments of bewilderment and ridicule. Under the base, an engraved metal plate on which are filled the information on the product and the part number of this limited edition.

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