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Saint Seiya Scale Statue 1/10 Cygnus Hyoga 19 cm

Saint Seiya Scale Statue 1/10 Cygnus Hyoga 19 cm

1050 Lei

(TVA inclus)
Cod Produs IS95362 / 94561

Curier (15-20 LEI)

Posta (15 LEI)



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Data aparitiei: 25.11.2024
Dimensiuni: 19 cm
Varsta: 14+
Tip produs: Statuete
Producator: Iron Studios


With the power of freezing and manipulating ice and the snow in whichever way he pleases and the ability to stop the atoms of matter by the power of his Cosmo, the saint born under the Cygnus constellation in the celestial northern hemisphere gets ready to face any opponent, over the stairs of Athena's Sanctuary. The warrior with long blonde hair and cold blue eyes appears to be calm, controlled, and emotionless, however he is one of the most emotional Knights, with strong emotional bonds with his past that are his weaknesses, but also paradoxically his greatest strength. Long-awaited by fans and collectors, Iron Studios proudly bring the statue "Cygnus Hyoga - Saint Seiya - Art Scale 1/10", with the first of the main Bronze Saints (presented when the series is about to complete 29 years of its premier in Brazil, in 1994), that will be part of a Diorama with the most beloved characters of the show. Iron Studios also bring the Deluxe version of the statue "Cygnus Hyoga - Saint Seiya - Deluxe Art Scale 1/10", with a base with his rear protected by a wall of sharp frozen stalagmites, from which a sculpture of a great ice swan representing his avatar rises, with LED lights.Trained in the past by Camus, the Gold Saint of Aquarius, the Crystal Saint or Crystal Master was the instructor of the saint candidates Hyoga and Isaak. After an accident that led to the vanishing of Isaak, the Crystal Saint was determined to finish Hyoga's training, that starts seeing him as an idol. Hyoga lived most of his life in the cold lands of east Siberia, and after years of training, he paid one last visit to his mother, and then, in the company of Yakov, a boy that lived in a village near his training grounds, he travelled to the great wall of Eternal Ice. There, Hyoga discovered the Cygnus Armor, wearing it with pride. When the Bronze Saints were declared traitors by the Sanctuary, the Crystal Master is summoned and instructed to capture or kill his pupil, but he denies delivering Hyoga or any other Bronze Saint, which causes him to confront the Great Master. Defeated and under the demonic control of Pope Ares, Crystal returns to Siberia, enslaving villagers to build a pyramid of ice to pay tribute to Ares. Hyoga then is forced to face him, and Crystal dominates the fight until the moment of the decisive strike, moment in which he is struck by the Aurora Thunder from the Cygnus Saint. Deadly wounded, Crystal uses his last energies to fire a blast against the Pyramid, destroying the last Sanctuary's symbol of domination and oppression on Siberia, and teaches one last thing to Hyoga, that he should never hesitate in decisive battles, no matter who the enemy is.Originally created in the comic books by Masami Kurumada in 1986 and adapted for the anime by Toei Animation between 1986 and 1989, the show Saint Seiya tells the story of five mystic bronze warriors that fight to protect the human incarnation of the goddess Athena, wearing sacred armors based on different constellations. Presented firsthand on the Inside Iron Studios Day of August, check out the statue "Pope Ares BDS - Saint Seiya - Art Scale 1/10", the first statue of the collection of the Great Master revealed at CCXP 2022. Already available for Pre-Order, you can check out future releases of this collection and much more soon.

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